Jean Monnet module 2013 – 2016
EU LAJF (Learning, Action, Job, Fun)
Živeti v EU: združeni v raznolikosti
EU LAJF in English
EU LAJF (Learning, Action, Job, Fun) is the name of the project, co-funded by the EC in the framework of the Jean Monnet module. In this project MFDPŠ will in 3 consecutive academic years 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, performed elective course Living in the EU: Unity in Diversity. In the first year, the course is carried out by face to face and supported by the e-classroom, in the coming years the course will be performed mainly in the e-environment, both in Moodle, as well as m-learning where learning will be through mobile devices (phone, iPad). The course in 2013/14 is offered to MFDPŠ students, in the next years it will be offered in the framework of national mobility to all post-secondary and higher education students in the region. All the lectures are open to the general public. The main lecturers in the course are dr. Nada Trunk Širca and dr. Andreja Barle, assistant is Valentina Jost Lešer; a number of guests lecturers and experts from various thematic areas will be invited to participate.

Project activities in 2013/14

Jean Monnet programme aims at stimulating teaching, research and reflection in the field of European integration studies at the level of higher education institutions within and outside the European Community.
European integration studies are defined as the analysis of the origins and evolution of the European Communities and the European Union in all its aspects. They cover both the internal and external dimension of European integration, including the European Union's role in the dialogue between peoples and cultures and the European Union's role and perception in the world.
Jean Monnet Modules are short teaching programmes (or courses) in the field of European integration studies at higher education institutions. Each Module has a minimum duration of 40 teaching hours. Modules may concentrate on one particular discipline in European integration studies or be multidisciplinary in approach and therefore call upon the services of several teachers.

• Project leader: Nada Trunk Širca,
• Project assistants: Valentina Jošt Lešer, in Gaja Gologranc,
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